Networking for research and development of human interactive and sensitive robotics taking advantage of additive.

Mondragon Unibersitateko Goi Eskola Politechnikoa, Fakulty of Engineering, Biomedikoa, Robotics and Automation

University of Cooperative Education – Berufsakademie Sachsen, Staatliche Studienakademie Bautzen

3D printing and scanning trends 2022
Ph.D. forum

Popularization of science. Night of scientists 2022.

3D Trends 2022 from 21 to 23 September.


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On 12 November 2021, we attended the Clean Mobility Fair. In the R2P2 project and in cooperation with Phoenix Contact. Josef Černohorský was at the fair.

The 2nd annual meeting of R2P2 project in Toulouse

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Trends in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Liberec

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Open days 24. 9. 2021

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Open days. RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT 2021

Night of Scientists 9/24/2021 of r2p2 project R2P2 NETWORKING FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN INTERACTIVE AND SENSITIVE ROBOTICS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING will be realized in cooperation with Faculty of Health Studies.

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Book of Abstracts

ECMS 2021

Annual meeting


The R2P2 project has joined the manifesto.

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3D printed human hearts models to help in education.

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The presentation of dr. Koprnický

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Photometric Flicker Metrics: Analysis and

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A new research topic has started among the R2P2 project.

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Toulouse INP

Prof. Nestor Arana-Arexolaleiba (Mondragon University) and Prof. Dimitris Chrysostomou (Aalborg Universitet)

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In the project R2P2 Ing. Jan Koprnický, Ph.D deal with sensitive robotics.

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Using 3D printing technology to create robotic arms, robotic systems or robotic hands and connecting a robotic system with a human.

R2P2 Workshop of the team at the Technical University of Liberec. Project coordination, division of tasks and presentation of results during a pandemic.

3D printing from concrete.

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Using robots in ergonomic (tool holder). Robotic hands for common tools.

Activities of the R2P2 Technical University of Liberec team during the weeks of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Activities of the R2P2  Technical University of Liberec team during the weeks of the Covid 19 pandemic.


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The end of January 2020