3D printed human hearts models to help in education.

The production of two anatomically accurate models of the human heart was made possible by the technologically unique 3D printer Stratasys J750. The model, to which a pacemaker can also be connected, will be used to assist in education at the Faculty of Health Studies TUL (FZS).The two models were created using the Stratasys J750 […]

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The presentation of dr. Koprnický

The presentation of dr. Koprnický in the frame of the Summer camp for Czechitas activity was focused on 3D printing technology and open source electronic control systems. There were shown several models of 3D printed robotic hands and described the complexity of their design. It was shown to young beginners in IT they can apply […]

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Photometric Flicker Metrics: Analysis and Perspectives

Abstract—This paper complement another presentation, andfocus mainly on the mathematical framework behind flickermetrics. The purpose is to review the algorithms extracting thefeatures of the light level temporal fluctuations, and establishsome of their properties. As the signals from the physical worldwill invariably be contaminated by noise, the robustness of themetrics to approach the ”true” value will […]

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