A new research topic has started among the R2P2 project.

A new research topic has started among the R2P2 project. This collaboration will focus on 3D printed smart actuators and sensors. The main actors involved are from TUL University – Laboratory of prototype technologies and processes and from Toulouse INP – LAboratory on PLAsma and Conversion of Energy (LAPLACE).

The purpose is to take benefit from the facilities of the 3D printing manufacturing compared to the usual methods of removal manufacturing. These new technical capabilities able to think about the design of robotic actuators. More particularly, 3D printing methods get real unconventional designs resulting from the topological optimization tools. For more information about the topological optimization of electromechanical devices, here is a short video about a start-up collaborator:

Hopefully, these new designs should highly improve the performing characteristics of the actuators. In this collaborative project, TUL University will bring its expertise in 3D printing processes and makes its metallic printer available.

Toulouse INP will bring its expertise on electromagnetic actuators modeling and on topological optimization. Here is an example of a printable design: