Modular Robotic System Design

Ing. Josef Břoušek, Ph.D. (Department of Vehicles, CXI)

Date: 02.06.2023
Time: 13:00 CET
Place: F1, Building E, Technical University of Liberec

Annotation: Join us to explore a modular robotic system designed to simplify and expand the utilization of robotic equipment in laboratories and production environments. Permanently mounting robotic arms on specific robots or stationary applications hinder their flexibility and reconfiguration. This often involves time-consuming disassembly and redesign, leading to unnecessary downtime and resource consumption. The concept of an innovative modular robotic system will be presented in the seminar. This concept benefits the laboratory and holds broader potential for real-world applications. Discover the original idea behind the system, including layout design, optimal block sizes, and essential mechanical elements.

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