Mondragon Unibersitateko Goi Eskola Politechnikoa,

Fakulty of Engineering, Biomedikoa, Robotics and Automation.

R2P2 Workshop: Possibility of EU cooperation: Additive technologies and other advanced technologies and tools for the development of lightweight structures not only for electric vehicles at University of Mondragon (UM) was a multi-day workshop for UM and participants from Technical University of Liberec (TUL). It was was presented the structure, results and planned activities of the project R2P2, “Networking for Research and Development of Human Interactive and Sensitive Robotics Using the Benefits of Additive Production”.

M. Petru, M. Novak and P. Srb from TUL introduced the activities of the Technical University of Liberec, or Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechatronics and Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation in the area of education and research. The main goal of this R2P2 workshop was to find common research and education topics for future European project proposals. We want to use the opportunities within the framework Blended Intensive Programs Erasmus+ (BIP) as a basis for future cooperation.

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