The project will focus its research activities on Competitive Engineering, specifically the interactive, sensory autonomous robotic systems based on Additive manufacturing and using smart nanopolymeric based materials. R2P2 project envisages the creation of an international consortium under the leadership of CxI TUL, which will mainly involve staff and student exchanges, expert visits and conference attendances. Additionally, organization of three international conferences, workshops, seminars and PhD forums is planned and preparation of joint impact articles, applied results and international projects is intended.

Science in Society



  • 2021
    • 12th March – Flickering of Light Sources: What are the Challenges for Lighting Systems – invitation
    • 5th March – Robotic systems used for 3D printing of houses – invitation
    • 17th February – Mechanical metamaterials and 3D printing technologies used in robotic hands manufacturing – invitation
    • 10th February – Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Robotics – Video
    • 15th January – Description of “Lumière et Matière” (L&M) group of LAPLACE laboratory – invitationYoutube
    • 13th January – Smart Human-Centric Lighting Systems – Toward to “Lighting 4.0” era – invitationYoutube
    • 8th January – Basics of PLCopen not only for EposP
  • 2020
    • 16th December – Introduction to Topology Optimization – invitation
    • 14th December – Virtual Hands-on Training on Maxon Motors – invitation
    • 9th December – 3D Printing Technologies at TUL – invitation